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               Beauty Formations / Knotably Studio 




Enhance your visual content with rich layer of typography, illustration and graphic elements that will bring a new depth to your brand’s story whether these are inspirational quotes, promotions, event posters or digital cards of any sort.


Conquer your audience’s attention span with dynamic, short form, eye-catching animated gifs, stop motion stories, cinemagraphs and frame by frame doodles. Let us capture the energy of your brand in a frame.


From brand promotional videos to short films, from conceptual music videos to narrative-driven, live action pieces – we will story-board, direct, stylize, shoot, edit and color correct to deliver a final product where every pixel counts.

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  • The Balancing Act.

Motion Content project we crafted earlier this year for @careof. #KnotablyStudio
  • Double dose of antioxidants for breakfast is served.

Chia Pudding creation : @wholehealthyglow
Stop Motion hand model : @olyshamrik
Production, styling and animation : @knotably Studio
From the props closet : @hawkinsnewyork @hmhome
  • Lunch hour is approaching 〰️ With a bowl *this good*, the toppings are jumping out of joy. Sound on!

Bowl creation (strawberry, spinach & feta salad) : @wholehealthyglow
Production, styling and animation : @knotably Studio
From the props closet : @wandpdesign @hawkinsnewyork @hmhome
  • Refreshing mid-day cold brew sesh at the studio. Turn that sound on and join us!

Today’s brew of choice : @chameleoncoldbrew
From our prop closet : @moleskine @poketo @hawkinsnewyork

#KnotablyStudio #MotionContent
  • Linen on linen on linen / Motion content for @parachutehome 
  • Weekend is *this* close!

Motion content for @parachutehome by Knotably Studio. #KnotablyStudio