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               Beauty Formations / Knotably Studio 




Enhance your visual content with rich layer of typography, illustration and graphic elements that will bring a new depth to your brand’s story whether these are inspirational quotes, promotions, event posters or digital cards of any sort.


Conquer your audience’s attention span with dynamic, short form, eye-catching animated gifs, stop motion stories, cinemagraphs and frame by frame doodles. Let us capture the energy of your brand in a frame.


From brand promotional videos to short films, from conceptual music videos to narrative-driven, live action pieces – we will story-board, direct, stylize, shoot, edit and color correct to deliver a final product where every pixel counts.

Knotably Studio on Instagram
  • Cultivating, carving time for and nourishing our passion projects has been an integral part of our lives as creatives, first and foremost. @thisisnotaloop is an outlet for animated, remixed and poetically driven thought process of Yossi Shamrik, Knotably Studio Co-Founder (@tabooplus). Browse through the gallery of some recent loops and better yet give @thisisnotaloop a follow. 〰️✌🏻 #KnotablyStudio
  • Team Work : putting up with the blasting aroma of smoked sardines to capture the shot. Yossi Shamrik, co-founder at Knotably. Also @tabooplus. Also @thisisnotaloop.

  • The love language of color 〰️ We use a precise, individual approach when it comes to choosing the right tone for a single content piece or a color palette for a whole project. Our souls always lean towards lived-in, muted tones. Neutrals, but also something a bit more. Like this ashy rust shade that we can’t get enough of. #KnotablyStudio #whpfavoritecolor
  • Currently at a *very exciting* turning point and ready to grow Team Knotably. Job announcements coming shortly 〰️ #KnotablyStudio
  • Watching the news circa 1950’s 〰️ #knotablystudio
  • Follow the light ... and seamless motion. We can definitely help with the latter. 👉🏼 hello@knotably.com #KnotablyStudio