Englewood | Cover Art + Motion Content
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  • Abstract kaleidoscopes on our mind 〰️ recent motion content work for @sugarbearhair #KnotablyStudio
  • Animated cover art design for @engelwood latest EP “Crust•FM” 〰️ Always a pleasure to work with talented artists. Catch him while on tour with @yung_gravy_ ! Sending our love to you guys! #KnotablyStudio
  • Spinning Christmas dreams 〰 recent holiday content work for @sugarbearhair #KnotablyStudio [ Guess the amount of sugar bears it is made of 〰 ]
  • Collecting motion memories one drop at a time 〰 Another motion test from our #KnotablyPlayground @herbivorebotanicals @sephora
  • Buckle up, our test archives are full of good stuff 〰 @makebeautyofficial #KnotablyPlayground
  • Beauty piece from our motion test archive 〰 @makebeautyofficial #KnotablyPlayground