Beauty Heroes | Visual Content #1
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  • Beauty Formations 〰️ Hop on our site to see the full project in action and read a short bit about the curiosity behind it. [3/4] #KnotablyStudio
  • Beauty Formations 〰️ Visit our online home to take a closer look and read more about the project [2/4] #KnotablyStudio
  • Beauty Formations 〰️ is a short form motion series exploring intersections of cosmetic objects, still life and movement. Created with evolving beauty industry and social media world in mind. Based off of Knotably Studio signature curiosity towards objects, curated color palette and seamless motion experiments. [1/4] #KnotablyStudio
  • Circling back into Monday 〰️ #KnotablyLab [ ]
  • Visit our freshly revamped journal to scroll through a new visual story straight from the #KnotablyLab 〰️
  • Botanical / Shapes story on our freshly revamped journal [] 〰️ #KnotablyLab